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I love your artstyle, it's so beautiful. This is what gets a game appealing. The game it's pretty fun to play, I would hope to be longer though (not complaining at all, just saying I didn't want it to end) I think it has a lot of potential so it can be like a level thing. Maybe 10 levels or something. Not short, not long. Idk, just my thoughts because I pretty like it. The audio it's amazing too! I can't get that song out of my head AND IT'S BEEN A WEEK haha. Great job guys... or guy... or girl. What I want to say is WELL DONE. Also I made a video, perhaps it's useful for you!

Very well-made game. Lots of inventive ways to get rid of the scouts, although some were a bit random and you tend to automatically stumble upon them. The ending is funny, so definitely worth playing! If you're interested, you could enter this game to our Game Development World Championship!


Hahaha... I even recognize the nagging song.


Play it, it is a lot of fun!!